Louiza Becquelin


Freelance illustrator, Lausann

Situation professionnelle en 2019

"For me, drawing has always been a way of communicating – it’s something I’ve done ever since I was small."

My career path

I’m lucky that I have a job that I enjoy, and that I get to draw for my customers and for my own personal projects. I’ve worked a lot for large institutions, but also for the press and for some museums. In recent years, I’ve also had the pleasure of showcasing some of my personal work in two exhibitions.

My passion. For me, drawing has always been a way of communicating – it’s something I’ve done ever since I was small. I’m not sure whether it’s a passion or just my way of going about life. It’s something so essential to me that I still find it difficult to refer to it as ‛work’, although that’s what it has become over the years. I feel so privileged to be able to do something I enjoy so much – and that some people are willing to pay me for ! It also gives me time to do the things I want to do. I have a lot of freedom to organize my time how I like, and that’s vital for me.

My career path. I was able to develop a solid client base, which meant I had a lot of visibility early on in my career. I had regular work, so I didn’t have any worries on that front.

I’ve now reached a point in my life where I’ve realised that my professional career is not particularly important to me. It’s great that my illustrations are successful. It means I can pay my way, and it’s always nice to know that my work can have an impact on people. But unlike in my early days, I no longer crave public recognition. And that’s nice too ! It gives me even more freedom in what I can offer those who are interested in my work. My support network is made up of my friends, of course, but also social media, although I’ve tried to take a step back from that recently.

A downside or obstacle ? There are quite a lot of women illustrators ! And the work is perhaps not always very regular. You have to live from one day to the next. Are there hurdles ? I don’t know. I’ve had some slightly dodgy customers – sometimes you wonder if they’re really interested in the illustration or the illustrator !

I’m proud that I’m not particularly hardworking and can put myself over my career and my income. But I’m also lucky that I’m very rigorous and productive. With my personal work, I can convey my vision and my approach to life. It gives me a lot of freedom to express myself.

The Proust Questionnaire

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Au-delà de votre profession

Le dessin, le yoga, la philosophie, la nature, la poésie… C’est un peu cliché, mais c’est de plus en plus vrai.

Des personnes qui vous inspirent

Toutes les femmes et les hommes qui s’émancipent, ou y travaillent.

Un livre & un film

De l’Abandon (Eric Baret), Le Maître des Illusions (Donna Tartt), Le Manuel d’Epictète (compilé par Arrien) et Amer Beton (Taiyō Matsumoto), un de mes films cultes… entre autres !

Un modèle

Basquiat, l’Art Brut. Mais aussi l’œuvre de Riad Sattouf (l’Arabe du Futur) ou de Taiyō Matsumoto (Amer Béton).

Un objet

Des bottines ou quelque chose de brillant trouvé par terre.

Une couleur

Le vert et le pourpre.

Un rêve

Vivre dans une cabane autosuffisante. Quelque chose de bricolé.