Sophie Mac


Manager of the company Skinexigence, Besançon

Situation professionnelle en 2019

"What drives me in my work is that skin is a research goldmine – everyone’s skin is different and there are numerous reasons why."

My career path

I’ve been managing director of Skinexigence since 2006. We test the effectiveness of cosmetics and other skin products and do R & D into skin imaging.

What drives me in my work is that skin is a research goldmine – everyone’s skin is different and there are numerous reasons why. All of the studies we carry out are designed to meet our clients’ needs based on what their product aims and claims to do. Our work is therefore very varied.

My career path. My career has been made up of a series of opportunities and encounters – everything fell into place little by little. After obtaining a PhD in pharmaceutical science from the University of Franche-Comté, I became a researcher at the centre for research into integument. I helped to set up clinical studies in the areas of cosmetology, food supplements and medical devices.

A key moment in my career was undoubtedly when I came into contact with Oséo, a private company commissioned by the public sector to provide funding to SMEs. That was what encouraged me to go through with my business idea and to set up a company using the subsidy I was awarded as an innovative company. My support network ? First, there’s my family – my husband, who’s a pharmacist, who I often go to for advice and who helps out a lot around the house, and my children, who bring me so much joy. There’s also my team, some of whom have been with me from the very beginning, and my clients, who continued to place their trust in me once I’d set up my company.

A downside or obstacle ? Running a company is not always easy. You have to manage a team and deal with a lot of stress.

I’m proud that my company has been successful and that I can still do the research that I love.

The Proust Questionnaire

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Au-delà de votre profession

La peau, du fait de mon travail, la lecture, le sport (tennis, natation, volley…) mais avant tout mes 3 enfants !

Des personnes qui vous inspirent

Ma mère et une de nos clientes, retraitée de chez L’Oréal encore dans les congrès tout en gardant régulièrement ses petits-enfants. Mon père, pour sa force de travail et sa bonté. Mon beau-frère, aîné de 9 enfants, parti de Madagascar pour étudier, puis revenu pour sa carrière et aider ses proches.

Un livre & un film

Le cerveau des mères (Katherine Ellison) et La famille Bélier (Éric Lartigau).

Un modèle

Mon père pour la création d’entreprise et mes encadrant-e-s.

Un objet

Une balle qui rebondit lorsqu’elle tombe.

Une couleur

Le vert, couleur de l’espérance.

Un rêve

Que ma famille reste toujours unie et heureuse et que ma société nous permette de réaliser des recherches qui nous passionnent aussi longtemps que possible.