Yvette Théraulaz


Artist, singer and actor, French-speaking Switzerland

Situation professionnelle en 2019

"I like writing, inventing things, and creating a repertoire that speaks about women, love and life as it is."

My career path

I’m lucky to be able to go on stage and speak and sing about the human aspects of life. It’s my way of approaching other people.

I’m passionate about doing a job that is at once ephemeral and filled with emotion and thought, a job in which people, poetry and politics come together. I like rehearsing, learning my lines, making the audience laugh and applaud, and speaking with members of the audience after the show and feeling their emotion. I also like receiving compliments and reading new scripts. And I like writing, inventing things, and creating a repertoire that speaks about women, love and life as it is.

My career path. I’m incredibly lucky that I still get to act and sing at my age. My career path is made up of encounters with texts, authors, songs, directors, musicians, actors and everyone else involved in this profession. It’s a team effort, and you have to be dedicated. First of all, my parents approved of my choice, and then I was adopted by the profession. Various theatre companies believed in me and put on my various musical shows.

A downside or obstacle ? As I get older, my memory can sometimes play tricks on me and I have moments of panic when I forget something. In the theatre world – just like in society in general – there is a lot of everyday misogyny and sexism, which I seek to bring to the fore when interpreting my roles and creating shows.

I love singing and acting. I try and do it in the “fairest” way possible and with the joy of knowing that sometimes it helps people.

The Proust Questionnaire

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Au-delà de votre profession

Les émissions sur France culture, j’écoute beaucoup la radio. J’observe et suis émerveillée par les petits enfants. Je regarde la télévision.

Des personnes qui vous inspirent

Je suis plus que touchée par les femmes qui gagnent péniblement leur vie, qui ont des enfants à charge et qui subissent sur leur lieu de travail le harcèlement sexuel. Et j’aime les hommes libres et forts comme le vent, comme le dit Anne Sylvestre dans sa chanson «Une sorcière comme les autres».

Un livre & un film

Chaque fois que je lis un bon livre, il m’inspire et m’aide à confectionner mon cœur et pareil pour les films.

Un modèle

Peut-être Berthold Brecht pour le théâtre, Barbara, Brassens et Brel pour la chanson et Jeanne Moreau pour le cinéma.

Un objet

Une question que je ne me suis jamais posée.

Une couleur

Le noir et le rouge.

Un rêve

Bien vivre ma vieillesse.