Blandine Maisonnier-Pinta


Engineer at CIMO Compagnie Industrielle, Monthey

Situation professionnelle en 2019

"I'm passionate about finding innovative solutions that will reduce the energy and environmental impact of industry."

My career path

I’m an asset manager and energy and waste management engineer at CIMO Compagnie Industrielle in Monthey, which provides technology for the chemicals industry. We are active in a range of areas : technical maintenance, health and safety, the environment, occupational medicine, engineering and automation, energy production and distribution, and industrial waste management. Our aim is to make chemical factories more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

I’m passionate about finding innovative solutions that will reduce the energy and environmental impact of industry, as well as working in a team, defending a project, convincing people, learning from others and sharing my knowledge.

My career path. I found out about engineering from my father and brother. The energy and environment sector particularly appealed to me, and I wanted to get into that. I got the opportunity to keep practicing high-level sport at INSA in Lyon, which meant that I could study for the future and have some amazing years as an athlete. I’ve always been able to count on my family and my partner for support.

A downside or obstacle ? I haven’t always been able to get all of my projects approved because of the strict requirements in terms of financial profitability. There aren’t many women working in industry, but things are changing. What some people see as obstacles I tend to think are assets because they open people up to different points of view and different ways of working.

I feel proud when I manage to convince the decision-makers to go ahead with a given project, and when I see the results. I’m tough and not afraid to get involved in long-term projects that require years of discussions and negotiations.

The Proust Questionnaire

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Au-delà de votre profession

Communication, psychologie, écologie, climat et sports.

Des personnes qui vous inspirent

Doris Leuthard car elle a mené des projets dans un domaine qui m’intéresse et a su obtenir un consensus autour d’elle et Sidney, mon dernier fils de 8 mois, dans sa capacité à toujours me surprendre.

Un livre & un film

La géopolitique de l’énergie (Thibaut Klinger) et Demain (Cyril Dion et Mélanie Laurent).

Un modèle

Plusieurs personnes m’inspirent. Combativité, innovation, créativité, bienveillance et humour sont les qualités que j’apprécie chez les autres et que j’essaie moi-même de mettre en œuvre.

Un objet

Un couteau suisse

Une couleur

Le bleu

Un rêve

Que les générations futures aient une vie paisible dans un environnement sain.