Camille Abegg


Concept creator, French-speaking Switzerland

Situation professionnelle en 2019

"My father always used to say : «Whatever you decide to do, I’ll know you’ll do it well.»"

My career path

I set up the Vevey-based concept store Bravo ! in 2017. It’s a boutique, a cultural venue and an event-planning space. I work with Swiss artists and craftspeople, offering unique pieces and limited editions. In addition to putting on several photo and art exhibitions each year, we stage free concerts and have a monthly schedule of workshops, panels and other similar events.

I’m really passionate about creating things, making discoveries, developing projects, meeting and interacting with people, and sharing knowledge. Basically, what really drives me is the human aspects of my work.

I’m hardworking. My family and friends have always been very supportive, as have my teachers. My father always used to say : ‟Whatever you decide to do, I’ll know you’ll do it well.” I think it’s important to help your children and your friends to build up their self-confidence while also making sure they stay humble.

A downside or obstacle ? People often try to challenge me, and I’m always having to prove myself. There’s a lot of prejudice, which is probably why there are so few women in my line of work.

I’m proud that I’m able to meet my customers’, employees’ and suppliers’ needs. I’m also proud to be doing my bit to make people aware that it is possible to consume differently for the good of our planet and the betterment of our society.

The Proust Questionnaire

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Au-delà de votre profession

Le bien-être, la gastronomie, la famille.

Des personnes qui vous inspirent

Simone Veil et Mike Horn.

Un livre & un film

Madame Bovary (Gustave Flaubert), Amadeus (Miloš Forman).

Un modèle

Mes parents

Un objet

Une grande table de repas

Une couleur

Le céladon

Un rêve

Celui que je réalise.