Sandy Ingram


Professor at the School of Engineering and Architecture (HEIA-FR), Fribourg

Situation professionnelle en 2019

"My research focuses on smart data analysis and innovative paradigms in data visualization."

My career path

I’m a professor of computer science at HEIA-FR and I have two main missions : applied research and teaching. I teach classes on how to develop ergonomic user interfaces using a people-centred approach. My research focuses on smart data analysis and innovative paradigms in data visualization.

My passion. I love speaking with students and colleagues, especially when they have a good sense of humour. I like that I get to work on information technologies and be in close contact with students and project commissioners.

My career path. My doctoral studies and research at EPFL, under the supervision of Denis Gillet, opened many doors for me. I learnt how to write, submit and manage multidisciplinary research projects. And it helped me to build up my professional network in Switzerland, Europe and the States. I then went on to work in a small company, which had all the advantages of its size : the work was varied, the atmosphere was very dynamic, and I was in direct contact with all the employees, management and clients. Moving to HEIA-FR as a specialized professor was the logical next step in my career. The position allowed me to fulfil my passion for IT teaching in a practical setting.

My colleagues have been very supportive and have shared their know-how with me. My husband is also a great source of support. He values my career as much as his own and acts accordingly. And my grandmother was an extraordinary woman – she had 11 children and two jobs. I got her energy, her love of life and the desire to do my best.

A downside or obstacle ? Teaching and research are very demanding, and there are no set hours. You have to be aware of that, manage your time accordingly and be able to juggle your work and your home life.

People tend to think that being a computer specialist – or working in engineering in general – is a “man’s” job. Fortunately, this image is changing, little by little. It’s a shame that it’s taking so long, especially since there have always been women, like Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper, who have made considerable contributions in the field of computer science.

I’m proud that I have a lot of energy and know how to motivate my students and colleagues in order to achieve our goals. My energy also means that I can keep learning – I’m able to stay up to date on the latest theories and technologies in a field that is evolving all the time.

The Proust Questionnaire

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Au-delà de votre profession

La musique

Des personnes qui vous inspirent

Maria Montessori et Luciano Pavarotti.

Un livre & un film

Plusieurs dont Chien Blanc (Romain Gary) et Forrest Gump (Robert Zemeckis).

Un modèle

Robin Williams dans le rôle de John Keating (The Dead Poets Society).

Un objet

Un voilier

Une couleur

Le rouge

Un rêve

Etre au bord de l’eau, alterner entre nager, regarder la mer et lire le soir avec le bruit des vagues.