Jayalakshmi Krishnakumar


Professor at the University of Geneva (UNIGE), Geneva

Situation professionnelle en 2019

"My thesis supervisor really helped me to get my career off the ground."

My career path

I’m a full professor at the Geneva School of Economics and Management (GSEM). My work consists of teaching at the bachelor, master and doctoral levels, doing research, presenting and publishing research papers, and supervising research, such as PhD theses, master’s dissertations and other research projects. I also have to do admin, like managing academic programmes, and sitting on university committees and boards. And I review research projects and articles, and have been invited by international organizations to take part in high-level consultations as a scientific expert.

I’m passionate about teaching and interacting with students, researching new cross-disciplinary topics, meeting new students each year and having them in my classes. I also enjoy being part of a unique network of international colleagues who share the same passion for human development and who come together at conferences.

My career path. I got to where I am thanks to hard work and perseverance, despite the pressures pulling me in different directions. I also have a healthy dose of self-confidence ! My thesis supervisor really helped me to get my career off the ground.

A downside or obstacle ? I’d like there to be more women in econometrics. The biggest hurdle has been striking the right work-life balance.

I’m proud of everything I do and have done in the area of econometric and quantitative methods to gain insight into and enhance well-being throughout the world.

The Proust Questionnaire

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Au-delà de votre profession

Économétrie, développement humain, religions anciennes et vie moderne, philosophie de l’existence et science des univers.

Des personnes qui vous inspirent

Des femmes historiques indiennes qui ont brillé à la fois par leur intelligence et leur dévotion spirituelle malgré des circonstances difficiles, ainsi que mon père.

Un livre

La Bhagavad Gita – un texte philosophique hindou.

Un objet

Une lampe à l’huile traditionnelle

Une couleur

Le bleu

Un rêve

Une éducation de qualité gratuite et accessible à toutes et tous.